The World is a Book

Viney and Kumud Kaushals, the authors have traversed the globe during the last 40 years and have added many personal cultural stories in the book based on their first hand experiences. We encourage readers to add their own cultural stories based on their travels. These stories will be reviewed, and if approved, compiled either in the next edition of ‘The World is a Book’ or in a separate book. Our aim is to gather as many stories as possible from around the globe and share with public for educational purpose. The selected stories shall be recognized with a $25 Amazon Gift Card and the contributors will also receive three autographed complimentary copies of the published book.  This is your chance to become a published author.



  • The stories should be in English.
  • The experiences should be personal, coming from your heart generating ‘wow!’ feeling.
  • The story should clearly show cultural differences and your own learnings from the
  • The impactful stories are the ones that motivate people to change their behavior when
    they are in those situations.
  • If you do not want to disclose your name, you can use a pen name (pseudonym).
  • Keep your story under 1000 words.

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