The World is a Book

Viney Kaushal left his comfortable senior government job in India in 1981 at the age of 29 to search for greener pastures in life. In the next 34 years, this village boy moved 20 times internationally, lived in 6 countries and visited 37 countries on 5 continents, and learned continuously about cultures and people along the less-traveled roads. A double MBA, this former Managing Director of Accenture lives with his wife in Chicago, where he wants to make the best of his recent retirement. He hopes to discover as many of the remaining countries of the world as possible before the call comes.  He is also going out of his comfort zone and learning painting, dance, flute, and other such activities while actively participating in many community activities.


Kumud Kaushal is an educator, banker, and entrepreneur. She left her banking career in India in 1982 to venture overseas with her husband. She grew up in India, lived in difficult places for women like Iraq and Saudi Arabia for eight years, blossomed in the free societies of Canada and the USA, and explored fifteen Asia Pacific countries extensively during her husband’s posting to Singapore. She now looks forward to exploring much more of the world with her husband while enjoying her two young grandchildren in Boston. She is also venturing into childcare business in North America. Thanks to the creator – she has the rare distinction of having been mistaken as a local in most of the countries she has visited, especially in Asia Pacific.